A Neo Bank with Blockchain technology

Welcome to our DEFI ecosystem, soon we will introduce you to our marketplace where you can tokenize real estate assets, investment funds, debt and Companies


Real estate assets

Real estate assets lack liquidity, intermediaries in any process increase costs, tokenization and automated processes through smart contracts provide very interesting solutions such as the payment of automated dividends to investors, the transferability of representative tokens offer investors entry and Much faster outputs than the markets currently give.

Private capital companies

The current methods for companies to obtain private capital are full of bureaucracy and obsolete systems that make these processes take time. Through smart contracts and tokenization we can automate all these processes, including compliance obligations. Now obtaining liquidity for companies is much easier by facilitating thanks to automated processes. These facilities will bring all kinds of new investors

Tokenized investment funds

Investment funds already seem like something from the past, a product that became outdated due to barriers and lack of interest from small investors, tokenization removes barriers and creates bridges providing liquidity to a global market.

Tokenized debt

Thanks to smart contracts and their automation, tokenized debt offers the possibility of making regular dividend payments to investors, debt tokenization gives us access to a global market, transferability gives easy entry and exit from these markets to investors.

Crypto assets are not regulated, they may not be suitable for retail investors and the entire investment may be lost, if you wish you can obtain more information in this Link 

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