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Common questions about the Koinonos company.

The Koinonos company project is to provide tools to merchants and users such as mobile and web payments, international transfers, discounts, bank accounts, issuance of debit cards. Koinonos is the fusion of a Neo Bank with the best of blockchain technology decentralization, where you prefer to keep your funds in a bank, in a stable coin, in our Koine payment token that changes value, you choose where you feel more comfortable, enough that they choose for you.

The company responsible for the project is Koinonos S.L based in Spain and registered with the Bank of Spain No. D728, with the collaboration of companies from all over the world.

EuroK, Tips, Koine tokens are tokens supported by the Telos network and under the Vapaeetokens contract distributed on the Telos blockchain. The Koine token is used to pay in shops, the Tips token is used so that shops can give discounts and offers to their customers, the EuroK token is used to buy Tips, Koine tokens.

It is a Wallet (Digital Wallet) that allows users to manage their cryptocurrencies from the Telos and Eos Network. Also with our wallet through a smart contract you can make Swap between EuroK and Koine and Tips. Our wallet has other features that you can explore. Remember never to give, share or assign your private keys to anyone!!!! No person can ever ask you for the keys under the pretext of helping you. It is true that you would never give them the pin code of your credit card, so never share your personal password and remember if you create a new account from our wallet, do not forget to copy your private passwords and keep them in a safe place. If you lose the private keys you will lose access to your cryptocurrencies and you will never be able to recover them. Give great importance to where you keep your private keys and never share them. No one from our team can ever ask you for your personal password under any pretext.

To transfer EuroK, tips or Koine token in our Kwallet, you need to open an account on the Telos Blockchain network, as these tokens are only supported on the Telos network. Also, once you open an account on the Telos network, you can view in our KWallet as long as you have balance any Telos network tokens, our wallet is also compatible with Eos network. To get a Telos account from our Kwallet app, you need to go to the Accounts menu and at the bottom, click on the CREATE ACCOUNT icon. It will ask you if you want to open an external browser. You say confirm, a page will open where you must choose the name of the account that must be 12 alphanumeric characters from a-z and 1-5. The next step is very important!!!!! COPY THE PUBLIC AND PRIVATE KEYS IN A SAFE PLACE, once well saved, confirm in the box that you have saved them, confirm that you are not a robot and click on continue, congratulations it will tell you congratulations, you already created it, you can verify that your account It was created In the block explorer of the Telos network https://eosauthority.com/?network=telos, where it says to search, put the name of your account and it will appear. Please note that all Telos account information is reflected in the browser! If in addition to the one you created, anyone can see the balance, operations, etc., so choose the name well since it will be public. Now you can go back to Kwallet app and in account tab click import icon and in private key box put your private key and click import icon, it will ask you to put a password, once done, you will see your account imported and right next to it a button to activate it, press it and that’s it, congratulations! When you go to the wallet tab, you will see your balance and your tokens, if you have any.

Yes, of course, they are transferable between users of the Telos network, the owners or possible buyers of the EuroK, Tips, Koine tokens and they must have an electronic wallet compatible with the Telos network, in case of giving an address of a non-compatible wallet, the buyer will lose the tokens and you will not be able to recover them, nor will the purchase value be returned to you!! REMEMBER YOUR WALLET ADDRESS WHERE WE SEND THE EuroK, Tips, Koine TOKENS MUST BE COMPATIBLE WITH THE TELOS BLOCKCHAIN NETWORK, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

The EuroK, Tips and Koine Tokens do not have any right, use, purpose, attribute, functionality or characteristic, express or implicit, including, without limitation, any use, purpose, attribute, functionality or characteristic in the company Koinonos S.L. The company Koinonos S.L will list the tokens on the exchange platforms that it deems convenient and when it deems appropriate.

The distribution of Tokens Tips, Koiné and EuroK will be carried out whenever there is demand from the merchants and users who request it. 12% of the tokens issued from Tips, Koine tokens will remain owned by the company.

– 10% Marketing

– 4% listings exchange

– 2% Building Bridges

– 12% Team

– 25% Treasure.

– 6% Staking

– 1% Community

– 20% Liquidity

– 20% we will obtain a banking license so that Koinonos can provide the best banking service ever offered to crypto companies. We will also deploy a mobile and web payment network so that merchants do not pay high fees for selling their products or services again.

The percentage of tokens allocated to Staking will be used only until it is launched and the staking interest can be paid with the income obtained in the company’s Swap

Tokenomics, Vesting Koine

Token will be unlocked gradually to ensure a sustainable economy and avoid sharp volatility

– IEO & private sale         20% TGE, 3 months lock 80% linearly released in 12 months

– Community                  0% TGE, 12 months lock 100% linearly released in 12 months

– Staking                          0% TGE, 3 months lock 100% linearly released in 12 months

– Liquidity                        100% TGE

– Treasure                       2% TGE, 98% linearly released in 24 months

– Marketing                     2% TGE, 98% linearly released in 24 months

– Team                            0% TGE, 18 months lock, 100% linearly released in 24 months

– Exchange                     10% TGE, 3 months lock, 90% linearly released in 24 months

– Building Bridges          0% TGE, 6 months lock, 100% linearly released in 12 months

– Banking license           10% TGE, 3 months lock, 90% linearly released in 12 months

To facilitate our company’s accounting, you buy 1 Euro and receive 1 EuroK token. The EuroK token is a stable token or the closest thing. This token may undergo modifications due to new laws that may appear in the future. If necessary, the company may add a % of tokens from the Telos Blockchain network, currently the token that represents is Tlos. We clarify that the % that will be added will be the essential minimum so that the price is always close to €1. We only warn of this situation in case some new law obliges us and Stable coins are prohibited. In this way, it would cease to be a Stable coin since the price of the token would be represented by a small percentage of Tlos that does fluctuate in price.

Not at the moment, keep informed through our social networks, make sure that the networks you see are ours, you can make sure by connecting to them through the links on our website

The sale price of the koine token on the first day will be €0.0001, later the free market will cause the price to go up or down and any buyer is informed that the markets can fluctuate a lot and that the tokens can lose their value for many different situations. When you buy these tokens you accept the possibility of losing the money deposited.

To receive my EuroK, Tips, Koine tokens I must have a wallet that is compatible with Telos network tokens, if you provide us with an account that is not compatible we will send the tokens to a wallet that is not compatible and you will lose your tokens and the money invested BE SURE THAT YOUR WALLET IS COMPATIBLE !!!. To save and send EuroK, Tips, Koine tokens you can download our Kwallet App

There is no minimum purchase amount. Remember that to obtain Tips tokens, Koine must first buy EuroK tokens and then exchange them for Tips tokens, koine as you prefer, to make the exchange you can use our Kwallet App and click on the Swap tab.

The distribution of EuroK Tokens is made once the payment is made within a maximum period of 24 hours. Once you have the EuroK Token you can exchange it for the Tips token, koiné through our Kwallet App on the spot. Delays may occur due to reasons beyond the control of the company. In case of making a pre-sale there will be some particular conditions, keep yourself informed of the conditions in the place where the pre-sale is made

If they are and the transfer speed through the Telos Blockchain network is approximately 10,000 transactions per second, it is possible that Tips, Koine, or EuroK Tokens could be transferred peer-to-peer or on platforms operated by third parties. Remember that the wallets used or the companies that accept our Tips, Koine or EuroK tokens must be compatible with the tokens of the Telos Blockchain network.

There are no fees for making transactions in the Telos Blockchain network. What you should have is bet 2 Telos Tokens in the ram of your account, although in principle when you open your account the Telos foundation gives you some ram and it may not be you should bet no ram, but it is not an obligation of the foundation to give you this ram and in that case you must buy the necessary Telos tokens according to the period and year in which you are, since the network evolves and the rules can change, always find out before you buy. Koinonos charges when transferring EuroK tokens, transfer of Koine and Tips tokens are free. In the case of other networks such as Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain, find out about their rates on their respective websites.

If you want to get Tips, Koine tokens, you must first buy EuroK tokens on our website https://koinonos.io, once you have received them you can make a Swap with the Tips, Koine tokens in the box that says Swap in our Kwallet app, You choose how many EuroK tokens you want to exchange and choose one of the two Tips, Koine tokens and you will see the amount you will receive. Each time you make a Swap it can have a cost from 0% to 0.4%. These benefits are used to pay the interest of our REX.

With the benefits that we obtain from the commissions of our Swap, we can pay them a variable percentage each month according to our income and that the company will decide with total freedom and without any type of obligation, naturally as a company we will do everything possible so that people who want to do Stake in our REX receive the highest interest rate possible. The minimum stake time will be 7 days.

No, but there is the possibility of an attack on our smart contracts. Our company takes measures to avoid these situations by auditing our contracts by specialized companies.

The Tips, Koine, EuroK Token Distribution Contract, Tips, Koine, EuroK Token Smart Contract and Tips, Koine, EuroK Tokens are provided «as is» and «as available» without any representations, warranties, promises or warranties of any kind made by Koinonos S.L. Before purchasing Token Tips, Koine, EuroK, you should ensure that you carry out your own examination and investigation and carefully review the full risks associated with the purchase of Token Tips, Koine, EuroK as set forth in the Purchase Agreement. Purchases of Tokens Tips, Koine, EuroK are non-refundable and purchases cannot be cancelled. In no event shall you be entitled to receive money or compensation for any Tips, Koine, EuroK Tokens purchased or your inability to purchase Tips, Koine, EuroK Tokens.

20% of the proceeds from the sale of EuroK tokens will be saved in one or several bank accounts, the rest will be purchased Telos, Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens.

As a company is private, the proceeds from the distribution of Token Tips, Koine  will be used by koinonos at their sole discretion. Koinonos intends to use certain income for general administration and operating expenses, most of the funds will be spent to achieve the objective for which the company was created, likewise as a private company the appropriate investments will be made to carry out our objectives are related or not in order to safeguard the financial health of the company.

Because the objective of the company is another, although the company reserves the right to collaborate with NGOs or non-profit associations.

Not in any case until the end of the initial sale of Tips and Koine tokens. This project should be carried out naturally if it arouses general interest.

Well, for several reasons, among them the two most important is to safeguard the interests of the company, (Trade secret). On the other hand, we want to leave you a link from IOSCO with the statements of the regulators on initial coin offerings. Although, on the other hand, we understand that most of the buyers of our tokens are going to be merchants who are going to put our tokens to practical use.

WARNING: The Euro T token is the closest thing to a stable token, this token has been created for internal use within our network, never to make payments or replace the official currency of Europe, the Euro, it could be possible that the authorities will force us to change the name of our token and if necessary, the name change will be carried out, keeping the same number of tokens with a different name for each user or it is possible to have to eliminate them and replace it with another, in that case Buyers will not be entitled to any type of compensation nor will they be able to claim anything from the company since in this act they are informed of the possibility that something similar could happen. The buyer of our tokens accepts this condition when making the purchase.

It is very important that you read these warnings before buying any Tips and Koine, EuroT tokens.


The Koinonos, Tips, Koine or EuroK tokens are used in the Koinonos ecosystem for the use of its application and other company services. Your subjective value/utility is affected by supply and demand. The value may be affected by the use to a greater or lesser extent of our services by our users or companies.

In summary, Koinonos tokens have speculative/volatile value, no individual or entity can be expected to make them more valuable, and therefore should be purchased primarily only by those who wish to use our Kwallet app and its trading services. our Koinonos.io website, now or in the future for functionality that the traditional Internet does not serve.

Now, in crypto, there are people looking to make a lot of money by identifying projects that are likely to increase in value. They are buying the tokens to sell when everyone else finally realizes the value they recognize in a project. There are people who see the disconnect between the actual features and token adoption of our ecosystem as out of alignment with the current price of our tokens relative to other cryptocurrencies that are betting on a significant price increase. Those people are speculating. There is nothing inherently wrong with this. But that’s not the main group we want to reach through our work with Koinonos. It’s just an inevitable by-product of building an exciting project going forward.

There is no way to know the investment quality of any cryptocurrency. However, when looking at the Koinonos ecosystem and its possibilities for growth by users and companies and with real use, it is not difficult to understand the position of speculators who expect price appreciation and, therefore, these The latter consider Koinonos ecosystem tokens a legitimate investment.

If these tokens are transferable and you can send them to any wallet on the Telos Blockchain network, if you send them to a wallet on another network by mistake you will lose your funds. The Telos Blockchain network has the capacity to make 10,000 transactions per second.

The EuroK token is a stable token that has been created specifically for our merchants and users of our application so that when they receive a payment with our Koiné token they can immediately Swap and thus the value they have received from the sale of a product or the service does not change as it could with the Koiné token.

Koiné Token = You can change its price.

EuroK Token = will never change its price.

Total supply of EuroK tokens: €100,000,000,000,000

More EuroK tokens can be created, in case of urgent need because the offer was not enough to maintain our ecosystem we could create more EuroK tokens or in case of not being able to create a new one with the same characteristics, in the case of creating a new one the guarantees of the old would change to cover those of the new, leaving the old without guarantees.

The EuroK token will be deposited in several different wallets and pools.

The sum of both and the money in the bank account must add up to approximately €100,000,000,000,000, the amount will be approximate because it is established that each user who buys a EuroK token will pay 1 Euro and this will be deposited in the account or accounts. appointed by the company, the company.

Thus, 80% of the total money in the bank account will be used to buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tlos that will also serve as collateral. This means that at any given time the guarantee may be somewhat less than what is due or greater, complying with the maximum rule of 80%, the company can buy or sell crypto assets as collateral. The company may sell the crypto assets and restore the total guarantee in Euros if it so wishes and may use the profits obtained for the proper functioning of the company and as its members are considered shareholders.

When the company Koinonos s.l returns the guarantee to the users, the return of the guarantee will be made, whenever the clients request it, having a EuroK, they have the right to charge a Euro, it is possible that there are expenses associated with transfers to the recipient that does not assume the company Koinonos sl and that assumes the applicant.

Can the company Block the funds deposited as Collateral? The company has created an anti-panic mechanism, similar to that of the stock markets when they paralyze an asset. In case of need due to panic created by news that causes the start of a cascading claim process for the sale of EuroK tokens, the company may block the funds for a maximum period of between 1 minute and a maximum of 7 days. This mechanism is created to avoid the bankruptcy of the company with all that this derives as loss of jobs etc etc. Hopefully we never have to activate this mechanism.

How is the collateral for EuroK tokens distributed in case a mass collateral return is necessary? The crypto assets would be sold to be able to return a EuroK for 1 Euro, the rest will go to the company’s funds, in the event that the sale of the crypto assets is not enough, all the assets sold in Euros and the money deposited will be added and it will be divided among all the tokens sold.

Any user or company that buys a EuroK token accepts everything explained in the previous text.

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